Dawn Tripod Figurine pre-orders…SOLD OUT!

That’s right folks, the pre-order window for our Dawn Tripod figurine and Dawn Tripod figurine special edition package have now closed and all figurines in the first production run are sold out!

A BIG thank you to all our customers who have pre-ordered our first figurine. Mable is now busy sculpting, painting and boxing them for you. The figurines will start shipping in early to mid March.

For those of you slow pokes who didn’t get to order one, there may be some figurines left after they are released in March, but not many. Most of these will be sold at cons, either by us or one of our associated stockists.

We may produce another run of the Dawn Tripod figurine at some point, but that will depend on the level of demand. If you still would like one, let us know!

We’re already developing our next figurines as well as some other goodies, so stay tuned for more smexy furry smut!

All the best,

Mad Mable Productions Limited