Quinn the Navigator: by Dysa!

Dysa's back with another excellent daki design; this time of Scappo's Quinn!

Quinn has always been a bit shy about her body, and you'll have to work a bit harder to get that shirt off her! She may just be a navigator for the moment but in her mind she's got the makings of a Captain!

If you wanna show her some love, head on over here!

Although this daki was made by Dysa, Quinn is also a part of the Waystone Universe. If you'd like to see more characters from Waystone appear on mad Mable, --please consider checking out Scappo's Patreon!--

Also, stay tuned for Waystone: Meridian, Quinn's initial story,  to post soon on Waystonecomic.tumblr.com!

All the best,

Mad Mable Productions Limited