Zmia "cuddly coils" by Vader San!

Meet Zmia! This cold blooded serpent lady needs someone to keep her warm during cold nights. She may be shy about the length of her tail, but secretly enjoys coiling it around people she is fond of to let them feel just how soft and comfortable snake scales can be. No worries, she's not venomous! (Unless you're into that…)

As promised, Vader San is back with a new super sex dakimakura cover of his snake girl Zmia! If you’d like to get between her silky coils (or behind that fantastic ass!) go introduce yourself over here!


For those of you who don’t know Vader San, you can check out his awesome art over on FurAffinity as well as help support his amazing talent by joining his Patreon.

Here's hoping we'll see more awesome art from Vader real soon!

All the best,

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