Jeremy Bernal
Jeremy is widely recognised as one of the best artists of furotica whose work has without doubt been instrumental in defining the genre.
He is the founder of, the World’s first, biggest and longest running adult furry art paysite. Following its success, Jeremy then went on to launch, a brother site to SexyFur focusing on homosexual and hermaphrodite furotica.
Jeremy is the creator of some of the most popular characters of erotic fury art including Dawn the collie dog, Champagne the fox vixen, Miami the skunk, Jessica the Zebra, Shakti the lioness, Black Widow the wolf and rabbit babes Sasha, Gunbunny, Orchid and Pearl, as well as many more besides. His characters are known and loved by millions and are often depicted in works by many other popular artists of the genre.


As well as being a superb artist of furry erotica, Scappo is the art director, website operator and PR manager of and as well as the SexyFur Private Lounge.
Somehow, he also finds the time to be an excellent comic writer. He is the creator of the graphic novel Waystone as well as the blue jackal character Tsenaya. You can follow his exploits on his blog.


The mysterious, awesomely talented artist Tsampikos is the creator of the ever-popular otter girl Mik as well as many others. His art can be found on DeviantART and Fur Affinity.


Fluff Kevlar
A fantastic anthro artist and animator based in the United States and creator of the cat cyborg ARA (Artificial Relay Administrator). You can find his awesome work on Fur Affinity, Deviant ART, Inkbunny, Sofurry and Weasyl.


Nicroze is a lurker from a mysterious island who draws lewd things for the entertainment of some, mostly themself
they can be found on Fur Affinity.