About Mad Mable Productions Limited

Mad Mable Productions Limited focuses on producing high-quality, fully licensed merchandise of adult anthropomorphic characters and artwork.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ page, or feel free to contact us directly at madmablesales@gmail.com. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

About Mad Mable

Mable comes from Overthere, a place that’s not here, nor there. She’s been there and its nothing like here or Overthere.

A traveling saleswoman; she dresses like a magician and knows all about nutrition. She can travel anywhere; appearing and disappearing in a cloud of leaves that originate from her travelling staff and vanish before touching the ground. 

Some might say she’s elusive but she’s not shy, she was just busy watching some bees in the garden and lost track of time.

There’s more magic in her navel piercing than any ten crystal balls, and when she dances, it TRULY is magic! She loves to dance, especially with her friends the Dryads, squirrels and other woodland folk, as well as play her flute.

“Is it a magic flute?” I hear you ask. Don’t be ludicrous! It’s just a flute silly!

She always has many wondrous delights in her pack. Perhaps you’d like to buy some?